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Getting up early is for winners!

Good morning, it´s 5.30am in Cologne/Germany right now. After I prepared the 5am milk for our beautiful baby girl, I got up. Stupid idea? No, not really. Honestly, the best survival tactic at these tough days with an exhausting more than fulltime job and using the rest time for baby sitting. But what to do in the morning?I go to work at 9am and my family wakes up at 7.30am to 8am. What means I have 2 hours for myself.


I use to run 4 times a week. A good morning-10km-run at the Rhine river is one of the most effective and relaxing things to do. All people say „No, I can´t doing workout in the morning hours.“ I say, „Yes, you can. But it takes some time to get comfortable with it.“ The first two weeks are pretty hard. And not only, because of the little weakness period after lunch 😉 But you will be rewarded after that, I promise.

But how to get up for running? Easy. Just set the alarm clock of your smartphone on every second day and start. You don´t feel good? Don´t care. It´s raining? Don´t care. It´s dark outside? Don´t care. You see, the process must be very clear. So clear, that you don´t have to fight with yourself every morning.



Yes, it´s also possible to work in the silent morning hours. Doing your email stuff to drive the zero-inbox-strategy or preparing your visionss before going to your stressful micro-management stuff in the office.

You have some side-projects? Websites, Affiliate-Marketing, a Growth Hacking Blog, or whatever…The morning is the best time to care about.


I love blogging. But blogging needs time and time for creativity. And blogs only can reach for the stars, if they publish regularly. So the idea for doing workouts every two days, will work for continous blogging, too. Just set the alarm clock…

Finance / Taxes

Not the best things to do. But everybody needs time to do taxes or polishing finances. Why not in the morning, instead of telling your partner and kids that you can´t play with them in the evening, because you have to do your taxes.


What do you do in the morning? How do you cheat yourself to win more time?

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