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User Onboarding with automated emails

For all Growth Hackers and Growth Managers it is common sense, User Onboarding is the biggest challenge after they registered on your website. I want to give you some examples how your product can be more successfull, by increasing the product usage per user.


First rule for a perfect user onboarding experience is, the more individual you can target your mails to the dedicated behaviour of the user, the more likely it is that the emails convert. Firstname, Lastname and Gender are already Must-haves in the classical email-marketing world – as we all know. But how could we push even more personalization in our emails? If we would know the reason why the user registered, how much budget he probably has for my product, which role he has in his company, in which topics he is really interested or which competitors he is already involved with…

Right, that would be awesome, because we could send him almost „individual“ emails. But how to gather these user information? Directly in the registration process? Or in the second step, after registration? Or maybe, after a few more touchpoints, when I really know that he is interested…There is only one answer, we must build strong AB-testing campaigns to test, which kind of data we could gather in which stage of the collection process.

Here is an awesome example from Dropbox. They send this personal email after the user logged in the first time from different devices. So the user gets to know a feature, they might not even know before. More Personalization email examples

dropbox onboarding

An interesting fact from econsultancy.com underlines on the one hand the importance of email personalisation and on the other hand the residue in the implementation:

Personalisation is seen as fundamental to online strategy for the majority, though only 5% of companies are personalising ‚extensively‘.

Warm Welcome email

After registration you expect a confirmation mail, right? But Growth Hackers don´t send „normal“ confirmation mails. Take the chance to give your new friend a very warm welcome. Tell him that you´re happy having him here and ask a question or offer support to start the encouragement engine. Don’t sound desperate. Learn to appreciate new customers without begging them to get setup or buying or reading right away. At least you want him to click on your Call-To-action to your website. Here is the perfect position to place the „Next steps“ area, so that the user can find it easily without feeling begged.

My personal favorite, cause its clean and personal design is from Ello. And the Call-to-Action is very clean as well. More welcome-mail examples

Ello onboarding

Always a good idea is, to invite the new user to a product demo, webinar or whatever to start the conversation with him and to help him personally by getting to know your product.

Many Growth Hackers say, that welcome emails convert best, when they are addressed by the CEO/Founder (whatever) by himself. A Growth Hacker collegue told me, that he sends automated emails with „Sent by my iPhone“ as standard signature, to show that this email is „really“ written personally. Good idea? I think, yes 😉


Upgrade Mails

Don´t send emails to users, you already know that they are not 100% satisfied with your product. If there is no or less product usage (at least you could check if there are logins by the user or not…), you should try to re-encourage the user and not to offer an upgrade.

But if you´re sure that the user is really into your product, be careful. First you should send an email whithin you can tell him, that there is the possibility to get much more out of the product. „Did you know…?“ Afterwards you can check the email performance to learn, if the user is interested in more.

A good example comes from followup.cc. They tell their users via email which features they lost, because of the end of their free-trial phase. Here you can find much more Upgrade emails…


Sounds easy? No, but you should try. Much more Growth Hacking with our surprise package…Don´t miss it,

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