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17 Growth Hacks of Europe’s Growth Hacking elite

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Growth Europe 2020 is a wrap – and it was fantastic – or like my team would call it „GROWTHARTIC“! 2 days full of Growth Hacking passion. It would be impossible to list all of the 100’s of Growth Hacks that our speakers shared with us during the summit. But good news, I’ve taken 17 of my personal favorite Growth Hacks and Growth Hacking strategies from the event, and here’s the full list. If you have no idea, which Growth Hack could fit your business – Join our next free Growth Hacking Masterclass – and we will help you out. 100% personally, 100% live.

But now, here you’ll find 17 magic Growth Hacks / Growth Hacking strategies:

1. Cancel inactive but paying customers to get positive brand awareness by PR coverage – by Ben Harmanus

Cancelling your paying customers? Wouldn’t that be weird? Not really: Netflix recently announced that it would cancel a 6-figure sized number of inactive accounts, even if the customers are still paying. That’s what they want their brand to be known for, and it resulted in immense brand coverage all over the world.

2. Make longer, detailed landingpages to not overwhelm user – by Talia Wolf

Landing pages should be short and on point, right? Yes, and no. Because we often tend to overwhelm our customers with short messaging and blink, blink buttons. Try splicing your messages and propositions into longer, detailed landing pages, with clearer messages. Your users will love it. But don’t forget to test it – no Growth Hack will work the same for each use-case, alright?

3. Culture eats strategy for breakfast – Where to start? – by Alex Müller

Alex Müller built „Gedankentanken“, one of the leading German coaching platforms. His key takeaway: You can have as much strategy in place as you want to – if you don’t create a winning business culture, you’re still gonna lose…How to start? Start with a „Find your why?“ workshops and continue asking your team and yourself „Why are we doing it?“…

4. „Customer experience starts after the sale“ – by Karl Gillis

You’ve probably been there: You buy a product, and after checkout… it’s „Bye, bye“! But a great customer experience isn’t done with the sale, that’s where it starts. How do you enable your customer to be successful? To be happy? To have FUN with your product? Karl Gillis sure knows how it works..He gave us the example, that nobody wants to see the invoice first, while opening the package after you ordered it online.

5. „How the Oktoberfest acts as event Growth Hack“ – by Andy Bruckschlögl

Some might call this a „referral hack“ – but „Bits&Pretzels“, one of Europe’s leading tech & startup conference, used much more than that. They used the surrounding of the Oktoberfest in Munich as their no. 1 reason for speakers and attendees to join the conference. What a brave move for defining a value proposition, right? Not only a startup event – take your „once in a lifetime“ chance and celebrate with us and thousands of other startup enthusiasts the Oktoberfest.

6. „Growth Hacking can boost your career as well“ – Tarek Reslan

Growth Hacking is the future – because it means constantly adapting and evolving. That’s why learning the techniques behind Growth Hacking is a growth hack for your career, too. You’re a marketing manager today and have no idea to become a CMO? Start thinking and acting like a Growth Hacker and you’ll find out ;-).

7. „How to find the Aha-moment of your business“ – Gia Laudi

To make your customers long-term fans of your product, they need to find to the „Aha-moment“ – that’s the moment where they experience real value. But many companies don’t even know what that „Aha-moment“ actually is. Here comes the Growth Hack: Reverse engineer your Aha-moment. Let your customers into your app, and then just ask them. Send them a small survey and ask „Why did you join?“, „What are you missing to tell your friends about it?“, …

8. „Seamless customer journey (offline/online)“ – by Christian Lau

Christian Lau is one of the leading experts on customer experience for events online and offline. To create real experiences, we need to combine these worlds – cause that’s how your customers perceive them, anyways. How do they do it? They track everything through their CRM, to create personalized experiences. Imagine you could get a push notification with voucher-code on your mobile, if your favorite player scores a goal? This would be cool, right?

9. „Emotions trigger buying decisions“- Liraz Margalit

No one is truly rational. Buying decisions are mostly triggered through emotion. But what is that emotion, really? Growth hack: Appeal to the emotion behind a certain decision, not just the logical rational why someone should buy your product. Even in B2B – because everyone is working for a goal, a bonus, or something similar. So we need to find that!

10. „Please be as specific as possible“ – by Els Aerts
If you ask questions like a sales person, you will get the answers of a sales person. So how do you fix that? When you ask for feedback or have a questionnaire, always provide a free comment feel on the bottom. Hack: Write „Please be as specific as possible“, that triggers specific answers.

11. „Don’t name your Growth Hacker ‚Growth Hacker'“ – by Ruben Porz
Ruben says that you shouldn’t call your growth team a growth team. Why? Because then everybody else thinks they’re not working for growth. It’s a chicken and egg problem, because if you start with a Growth Hacker that’s focused on growth, everyone else might think it’s not their responsibility. Growth is a mindset, a goal, not a department.

12. „Find out why they don’t buy“ – by Chris Out

Why do your customers NOT buy? Is it the price? Some barriers? Friction points? Uncertainties? Bring these right upfront on your landing page.

13. „Tools for High-Speed execution“ – by Kevin Indig

Kevin talked about tools for high-speed execution. Keyword tools like Ubersuggest and SEMRush really help speed up your process. His message: You have to be curious to try new tools because they help you execute on high-speed.

14. „Involve your team in your Linkedin content syndication“ – by Natalia Wiechowski

Natalia is an absolute Linkedin hero. Her hack: If you post something, let everyone in your team know – so that the Linkedin algorithm can pick up on it and boost reach. It’s so easy! That’s step one – step two is that also your team mates start posting! This way you can create an even bigger audience.

15. „Validate any idea before you build it“ – by Ben Sufiani

The Lean Startup is about testing a business idea before you go all in. Growth Hackers go one step further: Even test your marketing campaigns before you go all in. It’s a step by step iteration process.

16. „Make everything easier“ – by Andre Morys

The psycho-conversion-topics can sound really complicated. But Andre’s main message: Make it EASY! We see that with startups and other companies all the time. If you don’t understand the product in 5 seconds, how is your customer supposed to understand it?

17. „Activation beats acquisition“ by Hendrik Lennarz

In my last keynote I gave insights into our funnel for the Growth Europe Summit. 2.200 registrants since January – that’s quite a success right? But we knew we would have to activate our audience. Means, focussing on the show rate. That was the reason why we stopped our acquisition campaigns two weeks prior to the event, and we focused on show rate instead. The goal: 500 attendees joining or online conference platform. We actually ended up with about 400. More than 100 people were online throughout the entire event from 10 to 4.30 for 2 days, crazy. A lot of awesome feedback. Valuable content. More than 700 questions and chat messages. And for sure fun. We loved it. My main hack: Don’t always focus 100% on acquisition. In the end it’s about activation and the people using and interacting with your product. Empty email addresses won’t help you!

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